Thursday, August 21, 2008

1387. A hammer mold and ladle, patent number 1,095,866.

Thanks to Tom for sending in this scan from a catalog

1388. Submitted by Simon, who is currently working in the TV industry at the Olympics in China, a camera is mounted to this Camcat, it's then driven along wires high above the ground to shoot various events and cityscapes. The photos at the links aren't from China, but if you've watched the Olympics over the past two weeks, you may have seen some footage shot from this device.

1389. A gang saw for cutting guitar frets, the blades are currently spaced for a mandolin, this site has a photo of a gang saw ready to be used.

1390. A clamp for opening a bear trap:

This trap was made for display only:

Larger image

A few more bear traps and numerous other unidentified traps can be seen here, these photos were all taken in the North American Trap Collectors Museum.

1391. Pre-satellite navigation driving instructions, according to the owner these devices were used by substitute bus drivers.

1392. A cork puller and bottle opener, the part with the teeth was slipped between the cork and the bottle, then rotated and pulled to extract the cork. This tool is held between two fingers, so the curved end pieces give a better grip for pulling.

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